A downloadable Baldi's Basics mod

A baldi's basics mod that randomizes the characters speeds every time you go to the school level

it might make a good challenge it might not idk its random

so everytime you go to the school scene or testroom scene the characters speed acceleration and angular speed will be set to random 1 to 99 just so its a 50%50 chance of them going fast or slow

hope you enjoy!

Install instructions

make a copy of baldi's basics (or not) and put this file into BALDI_data > Managed

then run the game


Baldi's Basics with randomized character speeds.zip 247 kB


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playtime except she has creepy playtime's color scheme

weird reallyweird


im a red frog and now im green account lol


good mod

i didnt even test


Very cool thanks for helping me with my mod